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Preschool Education - Is Your Child Ready for School?

You Can Help Your Child Get Ready For School

These fun preschool activity programs have been designed by early childhood experts - Preschool Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Pediatric Occupational Therapists & Parents - to help your child develop age-appropriate self-care, play and school related skills.

It's a fact, the majority of preschool children would benefit significantly if their parents or carer - a grandparent, aunt, uncle, nanny or sitter - simply sat down with them, one-on-one, to teach them some basic skills before they begin school. The problem is that most people don’t know what basic skills to teach their preschooler, don't have the time or don't even know where to start!

Get Ready For School can help you.

Get Ready For School is a flexible program in a pdf book format that has been personalized for your child! With excellent guidelines and tips, and a handy list of simple, easy to find materials needed for each activity.

Great value, each comprehensive Get Ready For School program has easy-to-follow instructions with more than 200 activities, games and projects for your preschool child!

Should Your Child Learn The 3R's Before School?
Science Says Yes!

Parents often feel that their child should only play during their preschool years and learning should be left to the teachers when they get to school. Many parents don't realize that the first five years, the preschool years, are dubbed the formative years. This is the period the child develops approximately 70% of their brain connections. Stimulation to the brain during this time is imperative as it strengthens these connections and absorbs information like a sponge.

Teaching your child is not a formal process where rules and targets must be met. All teaching should be playful and fun. The Get Ready For School flexible programs focus on Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Visual Perception and School Skills to help prepare your child for Kindergarten in a fun way! The program can also be used for those children who have already entered Year K, to help refine their skills if they are feeling a little left behind.

Children quite often get their act together quickly once they are at school but a child who arrives with an inner core of social, emotional and basic skills will be ready to learn with joy, without being overburdened.

How Can I Help My Child Get Ready For School?

Preschool activity  

Designed for preschoolers this fun home program, has been developed by Early Childhood Professionals to help children develop age-appropriate self-care, play and school related skills.

Get Ready For School
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Get Ready For School
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Preschool activity

This program builds on and further helps establish those critical school skills focusing on letter development, concentration, pencil control and co-ordination.

Get Ready For School
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